"Les Cahiers de Notes"

In December 2006 and Janvier 2007, Alexandre presents a new musical television programm called
"LES CAHIERS DE NOTES", which he is the instigator of the concept with the Belgian realizer Olivier HERMAN,
broadcasted on Belgium's national network television.
The TV show are realized by Olivier HERMAN, produced by TV COM (Walloon Brabant's television) and subsidized by the
"Communauté Française de Belgique".
The first emissions presented four quite different styles of music:
jazz with Natalie LORIERS, classical music with Robert JANSSENS, the baroque music with Frederic de Roos
and the electroacoustic music with Annette VANDEGOORNE.

Artistic director & presentation : Alexandre DEBRUS.

Realisation : Olivier HERMAN.

Produced by the Channel TV COM (television of the Walloon Brabant in Belgium)
and subsidized by the "Communauté Française de Belgique".




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